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Game Soiree Spring 2017 Sponsored by Microplay
 Scott Jones and Steve Tilley trying out some games  Rerez and Erika Szabo looking at Lumines  Rerez and Erika Szabo. Looks like Link is about to shoot them!  Trying out the latest ASUS Republic of Gamers laptop  Ikaruga Sideways is amazing!

March 2017 Open House
 Syd Bolton with Dan Dorsey, son of Micom founder Steve Dorsey  Trying out 5-screen Forza Motorspot  Kim looks very serious in front of that Apple banner  Nothing like Ms. Pac-Man on a Toshiba Black-Stripe TV  Ken looks on as Bryan and Jeff share a moment

February 2017 Open House
 A Tale of Two PETs  Lode Runner always brings back memories  Part of the clothing exhibit  Rob tries multi-screen Forza Motorsport  Kim a racing natural - 3 screen Forza!

January 2017 Open House
 Such choice, such action, such Pong!  The Morrow computer is a new addition to our family  Close up of the Morrow computer logo  Poster for Raid Over Moscow - history repeats itself?  Concentrating on playing

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