Personal Computer Museum, Canada's Videogame Museum
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View of the Computer Museum For over 25 years, Brantford Local Computer Guru SYD BOLTON has dreamed of opening a museum to showcase the history of personal computers. Many children have no idea about life before a ‘mouse’, when ‘green screens’ ruled the day, and a time well before the Internet was available to everyone. Relive your earlier computer days or find out how we roughed it in the 70’s and 80’s.

Over 50 interactive computer displays from over 1,000 computers in total. We have over 25,000 artifacts with approximately 5,000 in our building at any given time.

Apple • Atari • Amiga • Commodore • Macintosh • Radio Shack • IMSAI • IBM • Next • Mattel • Timex • Xerox • Coleco • Dell

The Personal Computer Museum also runs a free computer giveaway program in our community. Your donations help!

The museum is currently CLOSED

Virtual Reality Day - June 16 2018 The Personal Computer Museum is open on select dates. Come and visit Brantford’s first computer museum, unique in all of South Western Ontario, Canada. We not only have computers but a large software library (with many video games), magazine and book collections and other interesting artifacts. Even the restoration of our building has a story, so come and see us soon! Fun for the whole family, first floor is wheelchair accessible. Street parking is free.

We now have the largest known collection of computers in Canada, the largest known collection of video games in Canada, and the largest known collection of CED video discs (perhaps in the world!)

We are always looking to expand our collection. Please check out our most wanted page for the machines we are after. We are the perfect place to recycle old computers, so bring them to us during our open houses. Recyling computers is important to us. You can also donate money to help our cause or become a member today!

We are looking for a bigger location! If you can help us out, let us know! We are transitioning to become the Personal Computer & Video Game History Museum. Winner of several Shining Stars Tourism Awards, and the Brant News Readers Choice Award.