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The Brantford Amiga Users Group (BAUG) was formed in 1987 by Syd Bolton and Richard Wildey. The club met once per month at the St. Paul Branch of the Brantford Public Library. The club, at its peak, had almost 50 members and provided demonstrations and assistance to Amiga users in the area. The club lasted only a couple of years but had some interesting guest speakers including Steve Spencer (the Commodore Sales Manager for South Western Ontario), Randy Linden (programmer of Dragon's Lair for the Amiga as well as others), and Soren Gronbech - the creator and programmer of the hit Amiga game, Sword of Sodan.

We are archiving the newsletters and they are available here. The newsletters were decent for a club of this size and included many regular contributors including Syd Bolton, Richard Wildey, Gene Chmielowiec, John Bos and Jim Hassett. These are not perfect - some of the copies we have had light/dark areas but they should be readable for the most part.

BAUG Volume 1 Issue 7
BAUG Volume 1 No. 7
April 1988
Video Making on the Amiga
BAUG Volume 2 Issue 1
BAUG Volume 2 No. 1
September 1988
1st Anniversary Issue
BAUG Volume 2 Issue 3
BAUG Volume 2 No. 3
November/December 1988
Renaissance Amiga
BAUG Volume 2 Issue 4
BAUG Volume 2 No. 4
January/February 1989
Intro to Telecommunications

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