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128 Programmer's Guide (Compute!'s) Compute!'s Second Book of Commodore 64 How to Use the Commodore 64 (An Alfred Handy Guide)
Amiga DOS Reference Guide (Compute!'s) Cuckoo's Egg (The) InvisiClues: Leather Goddesses of Phobos
Amiga Programming Guide Faery Tale Adventure Quest & Exploration Leaving Microsoft to Change the World
Apple IIe Programmer's Reference Guide Guide to Operations 6025117 Mapping the Commodore 64
BASIC Reference 6025010 Guide to Operations PCjr 1502292 On the Edge
Blue Wizard is About to Die Guide to Operations Personal Computer 6322510 Out of the Inner Circle
Commodore 64 Games Book Guide to Operations Personal Computer XT 2.02 Technical Reference PCjr 1502293
Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide Hackers Technical Reference Personal Computer 6322507
Commodore 64: An Intelligent and Intelligible Guide Home Computer Wars (The) Time Lost: A Computer Adventure
Commodore 64: BASIC Programming and Applications How to Master Home Video Games VIC Innovative Computing
COMPUTE!'s First Book of Apple How to Master the Video Games ZAP! The Rise and Fall of Atari
Compute!'s First Book of Commodore 64 Games How to Master the Video Games (1st Edition) Zork Chronicles (The)
Compute!'s First Book of Commodore 64 Sound and Graphics   

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