Personal Computer Museum, Canada's Videogame Museum

The following are only a partial representation of our collection. More details on each item is available. If you have any additional information to contribute, please contact us. Switch to text view.

ADAMLink Commodore 1670 Pocket Modem 300 (Commodore)
Atari SX 212 External Teleport 56K/ 14.4K V90 (Mac) Signalman Mark XII
Atari XM 301 InComm Classic 24E Tele-Term 64 with VICMODEM
Automodem 64 Manual Mini Modem MM-101 Total Communications
Boca External 33.6 Game/Business Modem MasterModem TRS-80 Modem I
Commodore 1600 VICMODEM Modem Alley US Robotics Courier HST
Commodore 1660 Novation Parrot 1200  

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