Personal Computer Museum, Canada's Videogame Museum

The following are only a partial representation of our collection. More details on each item is available. If you have any additional information to contribute, please contact us. Switch to text view.

Amiga DVD Interactive Pocket PC
Amstrad CPC Electron Sinclair QL
Apple II HP 65 Spectrum
Apple IIGS IQ-7000 TI 99
Atari 8-Bit Linux Unix Timex Sinclair
Atari ST Mac OSX TRS-80
Atari XEGS Macintosh VIC-20
CBM II Magazine Disk VZ200
CDTV MSX Windows
Color Computer Oric Windows 95/98
Commodore 128 OS/2 Windows CE
Commodore 264 OS-9 Windows NT
Commodore 64 Palm Windows Vista
Commodore PET Pencil II Windows XP

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