Personal Computer Museum, Canada's Videogame Museum

Here you can view more information on the companies that produce the hardware and software in our collection. If you have any additional information on any of these companies, please contact us. Switch to text view.

2K Games FBN Software Oxxi
3D Realms Fellowes PADI
3DO Felt and Tarrant Panasonic
Abacab Fifth Generation Systems Pandora
Abacus FileMaker Panther Games
Academy Software Finale Development Paperback Software
Accelerated Software Firaxis Paradise
Access Software Firebird Software Parker Brothers
Acclaim First Byte Parroty Interactive
Accolade First Star Software Parsons Technology
Accpac Fisher-Price Patriot Computers
ACD Systems Fishtank Interactive PC Globe
Acer Focus Home Interactive Pearlsoft
Acorn FormGen Penguin
Acornsoft Fox Interactive Percom Publishing
ActionSoft Fragile Bits Perfectware
Activision Free Spirit Software Personal Software
Addison-Wesley Froggman Personal Training
Adobe FTL Peter Norton Computing
Advantage Artworx FunCom PF Magic
Adventure Company Funk Software PG Music
Adventure International Funsta PHD Software Systems
Aegis Future Vision Multimedia Philips
AG Group Gadekin International Philon
Ahead Software GameMill Pinetree Software
Aldus Gamestar Playground Software
Alfred Publishing Gametek Pocket Express
Allegro Gathering Pogo
Alpha Software Gebelli PowerQuest
Altar General Admission Software Precision Software
Alternative Software Gentry Software Prism Leisure
Amaze GeoWorks Prism Software
Amdek Gibson Research Pro One Software
America Online Gimpel Software Professional Software
American Educational Computer Glacier Technologies Program Design
Amtex Global Star Progressive Peripherals
Analog Software Global Upgrades Pro-Line Software
Anawave Gold Disk Promised Land
Anco Got Game ProWave
Andyne Grafox PSI
Antic Software Grandslam Psion
Apex Graphic Expressions PSS
Apple Gravis Psygnosis
AproTek Gray Matter Punch! Software
ARC Greg Brooks Software Puzzle Factory
Arcadia Gribnif Software QQP
Arlington Software Grolier Quadram
Artisoft Groove Games Quaid Software
ASC Games Gryphon Software Qualcomm
ASDG GST Computer Quality Software
Ashton-Tate GT Interactive Quantic Dream
Asimware Gutenberg Software Quantum Microsystems
ASK Handic Software Quark
ASN Diffusion Hanimex Quarterdeck
Aspyr Harper Collins Que
AST Hasbro Interactive Quick Brown Fox
Astrosoft Hayden Software Rainbird
Atari Her Interactive Random House
Atari Inc HES ReadySoft
Atari Program Exchange Hewlett Packard Realia
Atarisoft Hi Tech Expressions Recreational Software Designs
Attachmate HIJK Red Hat
Audiogenic Hilton Android Red Orb
Autodesk Hip Games Reference Software
Avalon Hill Hippopotamus Regent Software
Avantage HiSoft Relic Entertainment
Avant-Garde Creations Hitachi Richvale Telecommunications
Avant-Garde Systems Hi-Tech Component Distributors RIST
Aviva Horizon Simulations Robinson Consulting
Axiom Software Houghton Mifflin Canada Rockstar
Banbury HSC Software Roger Wagner Publishing
Banner Blue IB Computers Roklan
Bantam Electronic Publishing IBM ROLM
Banyan id Software Rombo
Batteries Included IJE Romox
Baudville Illusion Softworks RomTech
Bay View Software Imagec Roxio
Beagle Bros Imagic Royal Software
Beamscope IMSI Running With Scissors
Bell Incognito Software Sams
bEQUAL InComm SAS Institute
Berkeley Software Design IndieBox Scala
Berkeley Softworks Individual Software ScanSoft
Berkeley Systems Infocom Scarborough Systems
BEST Infogrames Schatztruhe
BestWare Informix Scholastic
Bethesda Softworks Inhome Software Screenplay
Beyond Software Inkwell Systems Sears
Big Five Software Innovative Design Software Sega
Big Red Apple Club InnoVision Technology SelectSoft
Bitstream Inovatronics Sendai Publishing Group Inc.
Black Isle Inset ServiceWorks
Black Legend Instant Software Seven Seas Software
Black Scorpion Software Integrated Plastics Severn Software
Blizzard Entertainment Intelligence Quest Software Sharedata
BLOC Publishing Interactive Magic Sharp
Blue Byte InterActive Softworks Shelbourne Software
Blue Ribbon Bakery Interface Technologies Shrapnel Games
Blue Ribbon SoundWorks International Computer Entertainment Sierra
Boca International Publishing and Software Sierra On-Line
Bold Games Interplay Sight and Sound
BookMaker Intuit Sim Computer Products
Borland Inverse Ink SimBin
BOT Engineering Iolo Simon and Schuster
Brady IQ Media Nordic Simon Quernhorst
Bram IrseeSoft Sirius
Broderbund ISA Sirius Publishing
Bruce and James ISD Marketing Sirtech
BudgeCo ISIS Skill Screen Games
Buena Vista Software Island Graphics Slash Corporation
Bullfrog Productions ITT Smith Micro
Bullseye Software JagWare Soft Logik
Bungie Javelin Softdisk
Burut JoWooD SoftKey
CADvision Jumpdisk SoftStyle
Caldera Systems Juniper Computing Softsync
Canadian Museum of Civilization JV Software Software Channels
Canadian Tire Kalypso Software Horizons
Cantax Kara Computer Graphics Software Publishing
Capcom Kaspersky Software To Go
Capstone K-Byte Software Toolworks
Cardco Keypunch Software Softwood
Cardinal Software King Microware Soft-World
Cavalier Computer Kingsoft SOGWAP
Cavedog Entertainment Knights of Bytes Sony
CBS Software Knowledge Adventure Sony Online Entertainment
CDTV Publishing Koala SoulSim
CDV Koei Sound Source
CE Software Konami Soundic
Celery Software K-Tek SoundWave
Central Coast Software Kuma SouthPeak
Central Point Software Laing Marketing Southwestern Data Systems
Chalk Board Lawrence Productions Spectravideo
Chestnut LB Games Spectrum Holobyte
Cimarron LDS Church Spinnaker
Cinemaware Leading Edge Products SpinTop Games
Cinemaware Marquee Learning Tree Spirit of Discovery
Cisco Legendary Design Technologies SportTime
C-Lab LEGO Media Spotlight Software
Clarion Leisure Genius Springboard
Claris Lexicon Entertainment Square Enix
Clark Development Liam Quinn Company Squaresoft
Classic Software Lifestyle Software SSI Software
Clear Software Lifetree Software Stardock
Coda Music Lightning Software Starpoint Software
CodeHead Software Little Wizard Manufacturing Starsoft Development Laboratories
Codemasters Living Videotext Sterling Connection
CodeWriter LMS Technologies Stocking Stuffer Games
CogniToy Load N Go Software Stomp
Coktel Vision Logidisque StraightLine Software
Coleco Logitech Strategic Simulations
Comm Data Lotus Strategic Studies Group
Commercial Data Systems LucasArts Strategy First
Commodore Lucasfilm Games subLOGIC
Compaq LudiGames Sun
CompuLearn Luminaria Sunrise Software
CompuServe Macmillan Software SunRize Industries
Compute! Magic Quest Swfte
Computer Associates Magitronic SwiftWare
Computer Concepts Main Street Publishing Sybiz
Computer Magic Mandarin Software Symantec
Computer Software Associates MandrakeSoft Synapse Software
Computer Systems Center Mandriva Synergistic Software
CompuWorks MapInfo System 3
Com-Ware Masque Systems Software
Continental Mastertronic Taito
Corel Mattel Media Talent Computer Systems
Cornsoft Group Maxis Tandy/Radio Shack
Corona MaxiSoft Tangerine Computer Systems
Cosmi Maxx Out Tansoft
Crave McAfee Tara Computer Products
Crealude McClelland and Stewart TAS Publications
Creative Equipment McGraw Hill Team Software
Creative Labs MECC Team17
Creative Software Media Depot Telarium
Crosstalk Melbourne House TeleLearning
Crystal Dynamics Melbourne House Publishing Texas Instruments
Currah Technology Melodian Thalamus Europe
Cutting Edge Memorex Software Thalion Software
Cyberflix Merit Software The Catalog
Cyco Software MetaComCo The Learning Company
Cygnus Metadigm ThinkingBytes
Cymbal Software MGI Software Thomson Course Technology
Dantz MichTron Thorn EMI
DarXabre Micro Magic Thoughtware
Data 20 Micro Star THQ
Data East Micro Works Three Sixty Pacific
Data Pacific Microbits Peripheral Products Thunder Mountain
Datamax Research Microcom Tigervision
Datamost Microdeal Timegate Studios
Datasoft Microdigital Timeworks
Datastorm MicroEd Timex
Davidson Microforum Titus
Delmar Publishers Micrografx Tivola
Delrina MicroHelp TMaker
Designing Minds Microids Toronto Atari Federation
DesignWare MicroIllusions Totl Software
Digimat MicroLeague Multimedia TouchStone
DigiSoft Microlytics Trak
Digita International MicroMaster Traveling Software
Digital Graphics Library Micromation Treeway
Digital Integration Microplay Trillium
Digital Leisure MicroPro Trion
Digital Pictures Microprose Triptych Publishing
Digital Solutions Microsoft Troika
Dimension 21 Microsoft Game Studios Tronix
Dinosoft Micro-Systems Software Tsunami
Disc Company Microtek Tune 1000
Discis Microware Tymac
Discovery Channel Multimedia Midnight Synergy Ubisoft
Discovery Software Midway Ultra Games
Discwasher Migraph Umbrella Software
Disk-Count Software Millennium Interactive Inc UMI
Disney Interactive Mindcraft Unison World
Disney Software Mindscape Unisys
DK Multimedia Mindware United Software of America
DKB Software Miramar Systems Universal Interactive
Domark Mirrorsoft US Gold
Dr. Ts Mitac Utopia Software
DreamCatcher MMG Micro Software Valueware
DreamWorks Interactive Monarch ValuSoft
DSR Software Monolith Valve
DTJ Software MOS Technology Vertex Systems
DTK Computer Mosaic Video 7
Dynalogic MultiMate Video Wizard
Dynamix Multitech Village Tronic
Dynapak MumboJumbo Virgin Interactive
Dynatech Muse Software Virgin Mastertronic
Eagle Tree Software MySoftware Virtual Reality Laboratories
Eastgate Systems Mythic Virtuoso Software
Econosoft Namco Bandai VisiCorp
Editions FM Nantucket Vision Software
Educational Software Nashua Visionary
Educational Television Network National Geographic Interactive Visionary Design Technologies
EduFun NCsoft Visual Inspirations
Eduware NDL Computer Software Viva Media
eGames Netscape Vivendi Universal
Eidolon New Horizons Voyetra
Eidos New World Computing VTech
Electric Dreams NewTek Weekly Reader Family Software
Electronic Arts Nexon Westwood Studios
Electronic Zoo NeXT Whiptail
Elephant Software Nickelodeon Wico
Elite Nordic Software Wilcom
EMP Northern Telecom Wildcat Canyon
Empire Graphics Novalogic Windham Classics
Empire Software Nu.Millennia Wizard Werke
Encore Software Ocean WizardWorks
Enlight Omnitrend Software Wordperfect Corporation
Entex On Hand World Games
Epic Megagames OnLine Systems Xenon Educational
Epyx Ontrack Xerox
EuroPress Software Opcode Systems Xicat
EuroTalk Optimized Systems Software Xiphias
Excalibur Electronics Orange Computer XLEnt Software
Expansion Systems Orbyte Software Xonox
Expert Services Oregon Research Yamaha
Expert Software Origin Ziff Davis
Expositor Orion Software Zillions Development
Ezenet Other Guys ZugWare
Farallon Oxford Computer Systems Zuma Group

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