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Legendary Design Technologies

Legendary Design Technologies
Legendary Design Technologies
25 Frontenac Avenue
Brantford, ON N3R 3B7
Year Founded:
Year Defunct:
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Legendary Design Technologies was founded by Syd Bolton just months after he turned 18. The logo, designed by Dirk Boudry was what Bolton envisioned for the company. Legendary - memorable, in an old style font...Design with an artistic flair and script font to demonstrate that and of course, Technologies in a computer style font.

Legendary's first product was a game called Dark Tower that never was released. Bolton designed the game remembering the 3D maze program he played with on the original early Commodore computers and was partially inspired by the new Dungeon Master game. A level editor for Dark Tower was developed by Bolton and the first 100 levels were designed (although not 100 percent complete) by Berj Bannayan who moved on to work for companies like Apple and his own SoHo VFX.

Legendary eventually moved on to producing freeware applications for the Amiga to get the company name out before releasing its first commercial application - Address It! in 1994. The company eventually also became an Amiga software and hardware distributor (and the official distributor for NewTek in Canada) before the Amiga market completely collapsed and Legendary ceased operations in 1998.