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Beagle Bros

Beagle Bros
Beagle Bros Micro Software Inc.
3990 Old Town Avenue
San Diego, CA 92110
Year Founded:
Year Defunct:
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Beagle Bros. produced a lot of software for the Apple II.

  • 1980 Bert Kersey starts Beagle Bros on his kitchen table with a 16K Apple II and a quarter-page ad in Creative Computing.
  • 1982 Bert hires Mark Simonsen to answer technical calls and write Beagle software.
  • 1985 Mark and co-Beagler Alan Bird split from Beagle Bros and start The Software Touch.
  • 1987 Mark buys Beagle Bros from Bert, and Bert moves to the country to raise gophers.
  • 1988 Mark hires Bert to write this catalog on his kitchen table.
Beagle Bros. closed its doors in 1992 after its flagship product, BeagleWorks, was bought by Wordperfect Corporation.