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Handic Software

Handic Software
Handic Software AB

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Commodore Sweden's history is unusual considering for some time Commodore as a corporate entity was practically non-existent there in the business sense. (If that made sense to you, you have a future in redactory science.) According to Anders Carlsson, Handic Computers AB, originally a state enterprise but became privately incorporated a few years before the Commodores' rise, was the sales conduit for Commodore computers in Sweden up until the demise of the VIC-20; not only did they sell the hardware and peripherals, but also distributed and wrote software for the platforms as well. Around 1984, Handic's parent company, Datatronic, decided to divest Handic of the hardware portion of their business and put it under the purview of the parent enterprise, leaving Handic to sell the software solely. Datatronic itself folded around 1986, at which point Commodore finally took over the reins, opened Commodore Sweden and started selling their products directly.

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