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System 3

System 3
System 3
9-10 Grafton Street
London, Mayfair W1S 4EN
United Kingdom
Year Founded:
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Formed in 1983 by the globally renowned Mark Cale, System 3 is the company behind such fondly remembered global heavyweights as The Last Ninja, MYTH: History In The Making, International Karate, Putty Squad and Constructor, as well as dozens of other heartwarming games.

The company, one of the last remaining independents, operates two key brands; System 3 a premium game publisher and Play It a budget game publisher.

Throughout its 27 years the team at System 3 has worked on pretty much every games platform in existence from the C64 to the CD32 but right now the focus is on the DS, PSP, Wii and PlayStation3 consoles.

That hasnt stopped the retro goodness shining through though, with updates of 80s classic Impossible Mission hitting the DS, PS2 and PSP early in 2008.

In 2007 System 3 brought the world the definitive Ferrari experience in the form of Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli.

With over 20 models of Ferrari available as well as 16-player online races and car handling approved by none other than GP2 driver of the moment (and soon to be Virgin Formula One driver Bruno Senna, there can be no doubt that its THE racing simulation of recent years.

Pinball nut and System 3 head honcho Mark Cale is adamant that you wont find a pinball game on the planet that gets closer to the real thing. System 3 is also set to release Williams Pinball Classics in 2009.