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Bruce and James

Bruce and James
Bruce and James
2355 Leavenworth Street Unit 103
San Francisco, CA 94133
Year Founded:
Year Defunct:
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Founded by Bruce McLoughlin (chairman) and Jim Edlin (president). Their first product is WordVision, an IBM PC program that sells for $49.95. Breaking a long-standing tradition in the market, B & J software will name products with a suffix, "vision.' Look for FactVision, FileVision, ListVision, Math, Chart, Draw, Calc, Boss (?!?), Talk (I thought sure this would be Tele), and DeskVision.

Kidding aside, the concept is interesting. As Jim put it, "We're going to get high quality software into users' hands on the installment plan.' That explains the rock-bottom price. Bruce & James will sell "powerpacks' as add-ons to the basic program; in the case of WordVision, there will be a spelling program, thesaurus, style checker, letter writing aids, author's aids (footnotes and indexing, for example), and others. It appears that the user can buy what he needs while ignoring features and functions which aren't useful. Time will tell.

I guess it did.