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ServiceWorks Distribution Inc.
1498 Cliveden Ave
Delta, BC V3M 6L9
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From the company website, prior to it being shutdown...

Founded in 1982 and based in Richmond, B.C., ServiceWorks is Canada's national developer of Raven and Datatrain computers, printers and peripherals. With offices in Vancouver (Richmond), Toronto and Montreal, ServiceWorks is a 100 percent Canadian-owned and operated company and distributes products through its company-owned headquarters on the west coast.

While the name ServiceWorks has evolved over the years, the company and its principals have played an important role in pioneering Canadian computer products. Company chairman, Gene Trademan, and president, Greg Fleck, have remained on the forefront of the computer industry for 14 and 20 years respectively. Today, they continue to research and develop computer products for small businesses and home offices of tomorrow.

The company first established its reputation as an innovator in the early 1980's when Trademan joined forces with Roland DG of Japan and founded Amdek Electronics Canada. At a time when the use of the personal computer was still a novelty, Trademan was distributing Amdek computer monitors — used with the early IBM PC's and compatibles- across the country.

Trademan was soon joined by Greg Fleck, a long-time MIS manager for a national cable company. Fleck brought with him extensive knowledge of microcomputers, mainframe computer systems and widely-distributed computer networks. He quickly moved into the role of general manager for the company.

In 1983, Fleck and Trademan added the Roland line of dot matrix printers to its inventory along with the Amdek monitors. The timing was perfect. As the use of personal computers for small businesses and home offices began to proliferate, the company quickly established itself as Canada's leader in computer printer sales. After changing its corporate name to Roland DG Canada Inc. in 1985, the company capitalized on the popularity of the Roland dot matrix and sold more than 340,000 by 1989.

Also in 1985, Roland DG introduced the Datatrain computer line with the release of its first XT central processing unit (CPU). In 1990, AC Neilson Marketing Research recognized the Datatrain line as one of the top 10 best-selling computers in Canada. The Nielson research also found that sales of the Datatrain monitor was second only to IBM that year.

Meanwhile, laser printers joined an ever-expanding printer line with the release of the Raven LP 1100 in the late eighties. In 1990, the company adapted the Raven brand name for all of its printing products and to date has sold more than 700,000 printers in Canada.

In late 1989 Fleck was appointed president while Trademan continued on the development front. Always looking ahead, Fleck and Trademan wanted future customers to identify their company with the qualities that helped to build its success; accordingly, the name was changed to ServiceWorks in 1992.

Today, ServiceWorks is one of Canada's largest suppliers of computers with more than 1,000,000 satisfied customers across the country. The company has had particular success in providing computing solutions for small businesses and home offices. ServiceWorks' product line currently includes Datatrain personal computers and monitors, Raven dot matrix and laser printers, laptop computers, external CD-ROM drives, fax machines, laser printers and the Docu-Bank electronic imaging system. ServiceWorks is also the parent company of Prostar Interactive Media Works digital publishing software.