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Kara Computer Graphics

Kara Computer Graphics
Kara Computer Graphics
2554 Lincoln Boulevard Suite 1010
Marina Del Ray, CA 90291
Year Founded:
Year Defunct:
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A quote from Kara N. Blohm (1944-2004):

In 1987, I quit my graphic design position to venture out into video (so I thought!) until repeated interviewers kept saying I should check out computer graphics. Finally, someone said "Check out the Amiga". I did and invested in the Amiga 1000. God, was I excited! (I'm sure you can relate to that excitement when you first got your Amiga!) I would sit in front of the screen so long that when I closed my eyes, I could still see the criss-cross of the monitor screen. (Perhaps I was a little too close, but if you want to be intimate, you have to be close!) I started to learn by giving myself objects to make (objects like a Chrome Apple, Strawberry, Eight Ball, Lips), learning new effects each time. From the beginning, I was unhappy with the font selection so I started making my own. Since I was on a computer, I thought that they should be dimensional and that's when Kara Fonts were born! I started doing fonts with different kinds of effects that appealed to me. Whenever I showed Amiga people what I was doing, they always said that they would like to have them. Then came Calligrapher to allow me to put the letters into the keyboard and that's how Kara Fonts came into being. (Note: Calligrapher from Inter/Active Softworks is not in business any more. But you can do it with ColorType from Cloanto!)

In the last ten years of designing and rendering these fonts, I've worn out four mice, countless number of mouse pads, one Amiga, five disk drives, two monitors, one tattered chair and a weary set of eyes. All for the enjoyment of detailing, nit-picking, pixel moving, pixel changing, and colorizing my "babies". (That's exactly how I saw them.) Like most artists, I made things that I enjoy (why not!!) I also remember staying up at late night trying to figure out how to get a certain effect. I would get to the point of giving up thinking about it when a quiet voice inside my head would suggest a certain direction, I, automatically, would acknowledge with an "O.K.", do what I was told and laugh with joy when it worked! So, there is a lot of joy in these fonts. I hope that they give you joy like I had making them.