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Mindscape Inc.
3444 Dundee Road
Northbrook, IL 60062
Year Founded:
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Mindscape is an international software publishing company, previously part of The Learning Company. Now affiliated with EA (Electronic Arts). As of 2004, the group has offices in France, England, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Asia, Australia and Latin America. It has an annual turnover of 38 million and employs 150 people. Mindscape publishes and distributes educational and lifestyle games and software. Its most notable titles include Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Horse Racing Tycoon.

Mindscape started as a brand of The Software Toolworks, a software and computer game publisher, active from 1980 until 2001. It started out publishing software for Heath/Zenith personal computers. Early products included Mychess and the C/80 C compiler for CP/M. The two most popular products were the very long-lived series Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing and the Chessmaster series of computer games. It is also less known for its contribution in the development of the Lego Island PC game series.