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Cosmi Corporation
1351 Charles Willard Street
Carson, CA 90746
Year Founded:
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COSMI was founded in 1982 on the concept that personal computers would become necessary appliances in the average American home, just as they were becoming in American business. This market would require high-volume, high-margin, low-cost, impulse-selling software to meet the needs of average consumers looking for entertainment and simplified solutions to specific tasks.

Although hardware platform standardization is a necessity to establishing a true consumer mass-market appeal, the industry floundered for years producing non-compatible computer formats. COSMI found it initially expedient to support a variety of different operating systems as the market evolved including Atari 400/800 & ST, T.I. 99/4A, Commodore VIC-20, 64/128 and Amiga, Apple II family and IBM, Tandy and compatibles.

Currently, the company actively supports a wide variety of titles in Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP-compatible, plus a growing number of hybrid titles designed specifically for the PalmOS and Pocket PC. These products are available on CD-ROM disks and are attractively packaged in jewel cases, boxes and DVD cases.

COSMI has positioned itself to become this industry's standard seller of budget-priced software products both in the United States and internationally. COSMI sells its products on a direct basis to America's foremost retailers, warehouse clubs, specialty stores and computer electronic stores. COSMI recently expanded its distribution in non-traditional markets such as drug stores, hardware stores and food chains. Located in the United Kingdom, COSMI Europe, Ltd. was established in 1997 to help meet the growing demands of sales in the European community.

The evolution of the market cycle has taken longer than anticipated. However, as the mass channel strengthens its hold on computer hardware and software sales, COSMI believes that its proven product design and marketing concept will establish significant market share. From successful educational and entertainment hits to a complete line of well-established productivity titles, COSMI has proven to be the sales leader of value-priced software in the mass market. COSMI's products continually meet the computer users demand to perform a single, specific task simply, easily and inexpensively.

COSMI's strategy is to continue producing easy-to-use, low cost solutions to home/office computer and PDA-oriented tasks while broadening its base of distribution to domestic and foreign retailers. The ability to create inexpensive software that has mass-market appeal is not only a function of low-cost manufacturing but, more significantly, the ability to follow high-end market innovations and directions with simplified programming alternative solutions. COSMI has a proven track record of being capable of mastering this challenge and will continue to do so well into the new millennium.