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MicroPro International Corporation
33 San Pablo Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94903
Year Founded:
Year Defunct:
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Seymour Rubinstein founded the house that built WordStar, which eventually became WordStar International. Rubinstein left IMSAI (an early computer manufacturer) with $8,500 in cash to form his own company, which he called MicroPro International Inc. Rubinstein obtained a report by DataPro on the current state of word processing computers and the features offered by the software they ran (at this time word processors were based on specialist computer hardware). These systems consisted of names such as Lanier, Vydec, Xerox, IBM, and Wang. Based on this information Rubinstein decided that MicroPro should work on a word processor for the CP/M operating system, which wasn't tied to specific computer hardware.

The company went public in 1985, renamed itself in 1989 and eventually, merged with other companies. On the 4th of February 1994 WordStar International completed a merger with two other companies: Spinnaker Software Corporation, who specialised in consumer priced office productivity software; and SoftKey Software Products Inc., who had a large range of budget software CDs, to form SoftKey International.