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Knights of Bytes

Knights of Bytes
Knights of Bytes

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Knights of Bytes was founded in the 90s by Chester Kollschen as a game development label.

The team created and released some notable C64 games such as Ice Guys (1997), Bomb Mania (1998) and Metal Dust (2005), all distributed by Protovision.

Metal Dust marked the end of the team's C64 activities and they moved on to modern platforms.

After a break of 10 years and inspired by the increasing public interest in retro computing and gaming, Chester Kollschen revived the Knights of Bytes as a retro game development label in 2015.

Unlike many teams who make retro games on modern machines, the Knights of Bytes intend to go the opposite way and create brand-new games for old-fashioned home computers and vintage video game consoles.

The team's first project is Sam's Journey and it's being developed for the platform on which it all began: the C64.

The Knights of Bytes consist of the following people:

Sir Codalot: Chester Kollschen, Programmer; Sir Pixalot: Stefan Gutsch, 2D Artist; Sir Groovalot: Alex Ney, Musician