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Toshiba T1000XE

Toshiba T1000XE

Speed9.54 MHz
Memory1 KB
Hard Drive20  MB

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Release Date: 9/1/1990
Manufacturer: Toshiba
Original Retail Price:
Adjusted Inflation Price:
Donated By: Danny & Peter Epstein
The Toshiba T1000XE is an XT-class laptop machine. It uses a 720K 3.5" disk drive. It has an Intel 80C86-2 CPU running at 9.54 MHz and may be one of the first laptops to use a 2.5" hard drive. It's LCD screen is capable of 640x400 CGA graphics and 80x25 text. Beyond that, we know little else about this machine. If you do, let us know.

User Comments
Bigboj on Thursday, December 22, 2011
I still have a T1000XE in good shape, fully equipped: 1MB RAM, 20MB HDD, 9600Baud modem, 2 extra batteries, also the external 3,5" FDD. Its power supply and batteries are defected. If someone interested in buy, drop me a mail:
dhp on Sunday, November 1, 2009
I had one of these from 1993 to 1995 while I was in school. It did not have a floppy drive, which made it hard to share files in school. It came with a Laplink cable which was used to transfer files to and from the computer. It had a parallel port so I could connect my dot matrix printer. It had DOS 3.3 on a ROM chip, which made it boot up extremely fast - usually just a few seconds. It had 1MB RAM and a 20MB hard drive, which was plenty. And since DOS was installed on a ROM chip, you didn't need any space on the HDD for DOS (except for the autoexec file). I mostly used it for WordPerfect 5 and Quattro pro - both the DOS versions. I never installed Windows 3.1 on it. I thought Windows was a dumb idea at the time. I also got an external 2400 baud modem and used this computer to access the Internet for the first time. And I would visit BBS services with it. It was a nice computer and sometimes I even miss it a little.
Josh on Sunday, January 6, 2008
I own one of these laptops. A respectable machine given its era of production. Mine's from 1992. It has a port for a RAM card on the side, with originally 1 or 2 MB RAM cards. Larger may have been released. Internal RAM was a modest 1 MB. A specialty EXP port on the back left, just under the battery pack, was not used in the era of mine, but eventually docks were released for it. The HD was a 20(21?) MB 2.5", many consider it the first 2.5" HD used in a laptop. The floppy drive, external and connected to a small port on the right side, beside the RAM port, was optional. The laptop also originally included a "LapLink cable", the designed way to get files onto the machine. MS-DOS 3.30SE was in a 1 MB ROM chip within the system, accessible as drive D:, or drive C: if the hard drive wasn't accessible. The system was still configurable, by loading a CONFIG.SYS file into a special RAM area, and loading a file called "AUTOEXCH.BAT" off the hard drive. A feature called "Resume Mode" was also available. When the user enabled this, shutting off the system didn't truly shut it off, as RAM was perserved by an internal battery. It's extremely unlikely to find a system with this battery still functional. Powering back up left you where you shut the system off. A 2400 baud internal modem was also available for the machine - the port was right above the serial and parallel ports. Average run time for this system was about an hour and a half under normal use, but the processor could be slowed, and monitor and hard drive off times could be set, to extend this to a fairly respectable run time, even by today's standards. International versions may vary, this was a USA model. Estimated time of sale: Early 1992.
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