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Commodore SX-64

Commodore SX-64

Speed1 MHz
Memory64 KB

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Commodore 64

Release Date: 1/1/1984
Manufacturer: Commodore
Original Retail Price:
Adjusted Inflation Price:
The world�s first portable color computer! Also known as the �Executive� machine, this is basically a Commodore 64 computer with a 5� color screen, capable of displaying 40x25 text or 320x200 pixels up to 16 colors. The internal 5.25� floppy could store up to 170k of data and the 6510 microprocessor ran at 1 MHz. Weighing in at a hefty 23 pounds, the system although �portable� requires AC power to run (no batteries). Priced at $995 US, this system was released at the time Commodore announced $1 Billion dollars in sales, the first computer company to reach that milestone.


This computer is currently interactive in the Museum.

User Comments
Timothy Gilmore on Friday, July 15, 2016
I loved this computer! I was in the Navy when I bought it and with restricted space on board the ship, I could still play all my C64 games and use a larger monitor when needed. Great idea from Commodore.
Al DeBord on Wednesday, April 18, 2007
I have an excellent SX64 for sale and can be contacted at Make an offer!
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