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Eagle PC Spirit II

Eagle PC Spirit II

Speed4.77 MHz
Memory128 KB
Hard Drive10  MB

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Release Date: 11/1/1983
Manufacturer: Eagle Computers
Donated By: Shawn Westbrook
This transportable computer was compatible with the IBM PC-XT. It has a built-in 9" monochrome monitor, and this one has a 5.25" floppy drive and a 10 Mb hard-disk.

One unique thing about this machine (for the time) is that it has a color graphics board but the built-in monitor is monochrome. So this means that color programs will work they just won't show in color. The Eagle Spirit was really IBM PC compatible (hardware & software) and could be booted with the original IBM PC boot disks. The disks capacity and format procedure were the same.

The graphic resolution is the same as the IBM PC: 320 x 200 with a character matrix of 7 by 9 pixels. This was a good example of the low levelling effect of the IBM PC compatibility. The Eagle PC, launched one year earlier had a high resolution of 720 x 352 with a character matrix of 11 x 19 pixels!

First models had different keyboards where you had to press CONTROL+ALT+N to activate the numeric keypad. Later models had IBM PC style keyboards with LED signals.

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Bob B on Wednesday, January 21, 2015
I have 2 of these and don't know what to do with them. Any suggestions?
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