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Commodore PLUS/4

Commodore PLUS/4

Speed1.76 MHz
Memory64 KB

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Commodore 264

Release Date: 1/1/1984
Manufacturer: Commodore
Originally called the 264, this successor to the Commodore 64 was anything but. Included were some rudimentary home business application software and beyond that, nothing much exciting. The machine was capable of 121 colors (more than the 64) but lacked hardware sprites and the advanced SID Sound Chip, so the multimedia capabilities of the machine were quite limited. Beyond that, most of its peripherals were not compatible with the C64, leaving little or no reason for anyone to ‘upgrade’ to this unit. Along with its cheaper cousin the Commodore 16, the Plus/4 ended its life at sea as Commodore dumped thousands of units into the ocean to write them off.

Commodore 1551 Disk Drive

Commodore 1551 Disk Drive
Release Date: 1/1/1984
The Commodore 1551 was a floppy disk drive for the Commodore Plus/4 home computer. It resembled a charcoal-colored Commodore 1541 and plugged into the cartridge port, providing faster access than the C64/1541 combination. Commodore reportedly planned an interface to allow use of the 1551 with the C64, but it was never released.

The 1551 is much less common than other Commodore disk drives. The 1541 was always more readily available because it was compatible with the popular C64 and VIC-20, so many people opted to use 1541s with the Plus/4. Since the 1551 was compatible only with the Plus/4, which was a poor seller in the United States, few were made. In Europe, the Plus/4 was much more successful, but because tape drives were the most popular storage device in Europe in the 1980s, the 1551 was not very popular in Europe either.

User Comments
candida on Friday, April 24, 2009
got one in keymart about 6 years ago (they had a table with all five dollars and I saw the box. It worked and now I have several parts (hey the power supply is more expensive that five dollars)
James Alexander on Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Despite these machines not having sid sound or sprites, they are quite usable. Basic 3.5 has most if not all the pet basic 4 commands, in addition to 60k free for basic on the 64k machines. There was quite a bit of pd software much quite good and equally good commercial software in europe. One I like personally is script/plus which is the C 16/+4 cartridge version of easy script on the pets & C64. On the hardware side the 1541 drives & printers from the 64 could be used as well as modems on the +4 (c16 had no user port)
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