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Apple Macintosh LC575

Apple Macintosh LC575

Speed33 MHz
Memory4 MB
Hard Drive160  MB

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Release Date: 11/3/1994
Manufacturer: Apple
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Donated By: Jon Paddon
The unanticipated popularity of the LC 520 prompted Apple to develop two speedier sequels (the LC 550 and LC 575). In February 1993, these one-piece Macs made their debut -- their only differences being in found in processor speed. Apple ensured widespread access to these models by selling them as Performa Macs in consumer electronic stores nationwide! It was also the first Mac to contain a specialized "comm slot" that could take various network and modem cards specially designed to fit the slot. The comm slot has been a Performa standard ever since.

User Comments
Katie Cadet on Friday, August 18, 2017
I currently have that mid-90s all-in-one Macintosh, but a different model. The one I have in my collection is a Performa 580CD, the one in the site says it is an LC 575. Both machines have a 33 MHz 68LC040 and are capable of running Mac OS 8.1, the current version for 68040 Macs. Maximum QuickTime version for Mac OS 8.1 and 68040 Macs is 4.0.3, but I kinda like to stick with 3.0.2 because it is more reliable and plays videos better than version 4, which that version causes a bit of slowdowns and freezes, even on any 68040 Mac. I enjoyed playing a few games on the LC/Performa 580CD (575 from the site) such as Number Munchers, Invaders!, You Don't Know Jack Special Edition, Nikolai's Pharaohs, Richard Scarry's How Things Work in BusyTown, and SimEarth. The best thing is with most 68040-capable games is that you don't need an FPU for the 575/580 computer, it just plays right out-of-the-box like a normal Quadra Macintosh does, especially Nikolai's Pharaohs and You Don't Know Jack Special Edition for instance, as it does require a 68040 (Centris/Quadra) but actually I managed to play both 68040 titles on my Performa 580CD without any hitch, but not requiring enhanced floating-point processing. The LC 575 that they have on the site is released in November 1994, while my Performa 580CD is released in May 1995, all have the same casing and style, except with a few minor differences, such as the Performa 580CD's cheap shadow mask display and composite video input (so that you can hook up a video device to record QuickTime movies with!), but I'm not sure if I have those video input ports. All in all, This was a great computer that I got in 2017 just to show how Apple restarted the all-in-one Desktops in the 90s before the iMac G3 ever came out!
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