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GRiD 1720

GRiD 1720

Speed16 MHz
Memory1024 KB
Hard Drive20  MB

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Release Date: 9/1/1993
Manufacturer: GRiD
Donated By: Jon Paddon
Denny Atkin's review from Compute!, Issue 133, September 1991, page 36:

Laptops are great, but it's rare that you would choose one over a comparably equipped desk-top computer. That's exactly, however, what the Grid 1720 convinced me to do. Ever since I've had my review unit, I've only turned on my 386SX desktop to play Lexi-Cross. This sleek, black, 6.9-pound Grid packs enough power to run all but the most demanding applications. Its 80C286 microprocessor runs at 16 MHz, and my review unit was packed with 3MB of memory. Only the 20MB hard disk left me feeling a bit cramped for space.

The two most important parts of any laptop, arguably, are the screen and the keyboard. These are the parts that you have to interact directly with, and the Grid has the best-feeling keyboard and the nicest screen I've ever used, laptop or desktop. Keyboard springs are used in the Grid to provide excellent tactile feedback without annoying clicking sounds. The keyboard spacing is the same as you'd find on a stand-alone PC keyboard, so your fingers aren't cramped as you type. The 12 function keys are arrayed across the top of the keyboard, and the cursor keys are in a standard inverted-T layout. You can reverse the positions of the Ctrl and CapsLock keys by simply switching the key caps and flipping a switch on the bottom of the computer. Only the lack of a separate numeric keypad would ever tempt you to take advantage of an external keyboard.

You owe it to your eyes to check out the Grid's LCD VGA screen. Easier to look at for long periods of time than even the sharpest Super VGA monitors, the Grid's screen produces crisp, solid black characters on a gray background. Best of all, you won't notice any of the ghosting common to VGA-resolution LCD screens. (The monitor was noticeably sharper than that of Tandy's similar 2810 notebook PC.) I felt the desire to use an external VGA color monitor only when I played games.

The Grid 1720 has most of the amenities you'd ex

User Comments
Anonymous on Thursday, April 17, 2008
I just got a Tandy 2810 myself. Beautiful design :) My plan is to modify it into a digital clock, since it won´t run on Linux or anything... If you got one, please to toss it away, there are a million good uses for it and it can make a lot of people very happy.
Anonymous on Sunday, March 23, 2008
i have a mint tandy 2810hd laptop,whats it worth?
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