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Toshiba T3100

Toshiba T3100

Speed8 MHz
Memory640 KB
Hard Drive10  MB

What's this?

Release Date: 1/1/1986
Manufacturer: Toshiba
The base T3100, released in 1986, consisted of an 80286 CPU running at 8MHz, but could be slowed to 4.77MHz using a keyboard shortcut. It also had 640KB system memory, which could be upgraded to 2.6MB. It shipped with MS-DOS 3.2.

Storage included a standard 3.5" 720KB floppy diskette drive, and an internal 10MB hard disk drive. An optional external 5.25" floppy diskette drive could also be connected through the parallel/printer port. The T3100 also had a special optional "floppy link" cable, which allowed the T3100 to connect to and use the floppy drive on an IBM desktop system.

The T3100 had an interesting display adapter. It was fully CGA compatible, however it also had a special high-resolution (For the time) 640x400 display mode which is similar to and partially compatible with the Olivetti/AT&T 6300 graphics. The T3100 display was a 9.6" monochrome orange gas plasma panel capable of displaying this special hi-res mode, and other low-res modes. An external monitor could also be connected via a 9-pin RGB port.

The T3100 included a single proprietary expansion slot. Upon initial release, there were two expansion accessories available. One was an internal 1200 baud modem, the second an expansion card and chassis that housed five standard 8-bit ISA slots, thus allowing greater expandability. Eventually, other third-party compatible accessories were made available, such as an ethernet NIC, a faster (2400 baud) modem, even a 1MB memory card that further extended the system RAM beyond the original 2.6MB limit (Thus, 3.6MB is the actual maximum system RAM). Other miscellaneous peripherals included an external numberpad (Which was actually a reversed left-handed version of the standard numberpad) and an ExpressWriter 201 portable printer.

Although portable for the time, the T3100 is a beast in comparison to today's portability standards. It was 12.2" wide, 14.2" long and 3.1" thick, and it weighed a hefty 15 pounds, quite a burden to carry around.

User Comments
John Elliott on Tuesday, October 10, 2017
I don't think you're right about the maximum memory being 640k to 2.6Mb. According to the brochure the minimum is 1Mb and the maximum is 5Mb -- I can't link to it here, but it's from Toshiba's own website.
Doug on Monday, November 30, 2015
I still have one of there and as a matter of fact I powered it up the other day. It is having some video issues though. The left side of the screen display fine but the right side is full of lines. As for laptop... 15LBs and NO battery this was AC ONLY!
j s on Monday, October 21, 2013
I had one of these for a while. Unfortunately I could not get a hard disk working in it because the IDE interface was defective.
Michel PUJOL on Saturday, September 8, 2007
Hello , I am a french possessor of T 3100 and I try (with many difficulties ) to "pilot"it. When working it is on DOS ,and i cannot control it surely because my different boot FDD are 1.44 and not 720. Can you help me to find a "system" to enable this problem ? Many Thanks
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