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Apple Macintosh Classic II

Apple Macintosh Classic II

Speed16 MHz
Memory2 MB
Hard Drive40  MB

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Release Date: 10/21/1991
Manufacturer: Apple
Also known as the Performa 200, was a replacement for the SE/30 system although some of its shortcomings make it a poor successor. The Classic II was also the last Macintosh to use a 9” Black and White screen. The machine sold only for a year, and contained a 16 MHz Motorola 68030 CPU. There exists a lot of support for the 030 based Macs online today, including information about what games run best and what software you could and couldn’t use on this and other similar models. The Classic II ended an era and lead to the more advanced Macs of today, but they definitely served their purpose and are still one of the smallest yet functional computers in existence.
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