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AMOS Professional

AMOS Professional

Floppy (3.5")6

Europress Software


Release Date: 10/1/1992
Manufacturer: Europress Software
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AMOS Professional is a program development environment. It is an updated version of AMOS. The program should run on the A500, A500+, A2000, and A3000, but check for non-standard configurations.

The test system was an A500+ (2MB CHIP RAM), A590 hard drive with 2MB FAST RAM, external floppy, Phillips 8833 monitor, and WB 2.04.

Included in the release is 6 disks, a hefty, soft-covered, spine-bound (NOT ring-bound) manual, a manual for the four games (includes a Golden Rules of Programming section which will amuse professional programmers, mainly for its omissions) and a registration card. The obvious intent is to provide the user with a complete development environment for software on the Amiga. There are substantial language extensions and improvements, the principal ones being: support for MED and Tracker modules, an AMOS Interface (the AMOS equivalent of Intuition), ARexx, serial port support, access to system libraries and devices, and machine code support. A lot of this is to provide more complete access to the full functionality of the machine, and for many programmers is chrome. Of the extensions, the AMOS Interface is possibly the most useful.

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