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Release Date: 1/1/1992
Manufacturer: INOVAtronics
Original Retail Price:
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GigaMem is a software package which provides virtual memory for Amiga Systems that have Memory Management Units (MMU) and a hard drive.

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • Hardware
    • GigaMem needs an Amiga System with a working Memory Management Unit (MMU), which is available on most accelerator cards (e.g., A2620, A2630) or in the Amiga 3000 and Amiga 4000
    • It does not work with the 68000, 68020 without 68851 (MMU), 680EC20 (can only address 16 MB of RAM), nor 680EC30 (MMU-less version of 68030), as all of them do not come with a built-in MMU
    • To be able to swap the content of the virtual memory, GigaMem needs a reliable medium. In most terms, this is a hard drive. The more space is available on this hard drive, the more virtual memory you can obtain with GigaMem
    • At least 100K of (real) RAM are required. The more RAM you have, the faster GigaMem will work
  • Software
    • Amiga DOS Version 2.04 or higher is recommended
    • Amiga DOS Version 1.2 and 1.3 are supported

Copy Protection

None. GigaMem installs on a hard drive using the standard Commodore Installer program.

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