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Release Date: 8/1/1992
Manufacturer: Great Valley Products
Original Retail Price:
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Cinematic polymorphing, more commonly known as "morphing", is a technique of visually transforming an image or a series of images into another image or series of images.

CineMorph brings the features of commercial morphing systems to the Amiga. CineMorph warps single images, morphs dual images, sequences of multiple images and full motion video.

CineMorph morphs 24bit, 8bit greyscale and all other IFF images.

System Requirements

  • Amiga with 2 MB Fast RAM
  • 512K Chip RAM
  • Enough space for storage (Hard Drive recommended)
Also recommended, though not required is an accelerator with as much as 32 bit fast RAM. AmigaDOS 2.0 is also recommended though CineMorph operates under AmigaDos 1.3 or 2.0
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