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Atari 1040 ST

Atari 1040 ST

Speed8 MHz
Memory1024 KB

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Atari ST

Release Date: 1/1/1986
Manufacturer: Atari
Original Retail Price:
Adjusted Inflation Price:
A 1 MB version of the Atari 520 ST, the 1040 enjoyed moderate success in both the home and business environments. A direct competitor to Commodore’s Amiga line, the ST eventually succumbed in the European market where it had first had a strong following because of its great price point. Like its other cousins, the 1040 could be interfaced to hard drives, floppy drives, printers, and also MIDI devices. Although the ST never took off in the desktop publishing market, it did make huge inroads with musicians because of the built-in MIDI and the excellent software that was written to support it.

Atari PS3000

Atari PS3000
Release Date: 1/1/1986
Donated By: Fred Briggs
The Atari PS3000 is one of the stranger, more rare peripherals ever released. It contains a color 14" monitor for the Atari ST line, as well as a 3.5" drive in its base. Rumored to be produced in a quantity of only 1,000 this is quite the rare find.

The other interesting aspect of this monitor is that it will play both NTSC and PAL games without an issue - no rolling or problems usually associated with the two different television standards.

Atari SF354 Disk Drive

Atari SF354 Disk Drive
Release Date: 5/1/1985
The SF354 is an external 360K single sided 3.5 floppy drive. The original Atari ST models did not include a built in disk drive, so this was sold with the system to actually make it complete. It was also sold as an extra drive. It was replaced by the double-side SF314.

The manual is available.

Atari SH204 Hard Drive

Atari SH204 Hard Drive
Release Date: 1/1/1986
Original Retail Price: $699.00
Donated By: Jim Heiden
The Atari SH204 hard disk is an external 20 meg hard disk drive for the Atari ST series of computers. It connects up to the ST's external DMA port and is enclosed in a shoebox-size case. The drive is an MFM drive that runs off of an Adaptec DMA->MFM converter board. In order to use the SH204, or any hard disk running off of the ST's DMA port, a driver is loaded off of the drive at boot up.

User Comments
Atarileaf on Friday, December 15, 2017
I recently was able to acquire a 520 ST and one of those rare PS3000 monitors. Has power supply and cables as well as instructions and seems to work great. Looking forward into diving into the ST game library as it's not a system I'm familiar wtih.
Michael Scott on Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Is that Jim Heiden from President's Choice? If so, Hi there! If not........later, baby!
BillG on Thursday, April 4, 2013
My 3rd computer. I bought this while living in Europe in the early 90's and was surprised how long it was supported there and the following of programmers and preponderance of graphics demos etc. Did a lot of graphics and played a lot of games on it. Most notably Frontier Elite, Another World and Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix!
Ted Starr, Ottawa ON on Saturday, March 9, 2013
I am very glad to have contributed a 1040ST, mono and colour monitors, assorted peripherals, and software to the PCMuseum in 2013. I would encourage anyone with unwanted computer equipment to donate. Happy computing!
Russ Campbell on Saturday, February 5, 2011
I have one of the Atari PS3000 monitors, but I can't seem to get the video to work, is there a sep power switch for the video part ????
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