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FileMaker Pro 2

FileMaker Pro 2
FileMaker Pro 2

Floppy (3.5")4



Release Date: 9/1/1992
Manufacturer: Claris
FileMaker Pro is a cross-platform relational database application from FileMaker Inc. (a subsidiary of Apple Inc.). It is noted for the integration of the database engine with the GUI-based interface, which allows users to modify the database by dragging new elements into the layouts/screens/forms that provide the user interface. This results in a "quasi-object" development environment that sets it apart from other commercial databases.

Claris changed the name to "FileMaker II" in order to be compatible with the naming of their other products, such as MacWrite II, but the product was changed little from the last Nashoba version. Several seemingly randomly numbered minor versions followed, and things finally settled down with the release of "FileMaker Pro" 1.0 in 1990. At this point, FileMaker was still a Mac OS–only application.

A significant milestone in FileMaker's history came with the release in September 1992 of a multiplatform version (the one shown here). Except for few platform-specific functionalities, a "solution" (as FileMaker Pro databases are called) looks and feels the same in Windows as on a Mac. This gave it a very strong position in the marketplace and continues to be one of its key advantages. The following version 3.0, released around 1995, was a significant upgrade with new relational and scripting features.

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