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Cannonball Blitz

Cannonball Blitz
Cannonball Blitz


Sierra On-Line


Release Date: 1/1/1982
Manufacturer: Sierra On-Line
Cannonball Blitz is something of a unique take on the Donkey Kong style platform games that were popular in gaming circles at this time. In this variation, a giant stands at the top and drops Cannonballs down at the player below - no big difference so far. However, in this game there are no ladders. Instead, the character must wait for a cannonball to land on a catapult in order to be tossed up to the next level of the platform. There are a couple of screens. Unfortunately, the VIC-20 version of the game doesn't live up to its' potential. The character doesn't jump in an intuitive manner and the player must watch the cannonballs for fall for about ten seconds before being allowed to control the character - the tendency is to think that something is "broken" and hit as many random keys as possible in order to get the character to move.
Cannonball Blitz Cartridge
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