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Voodoo Castle

Voodoo Castle
Voodoo Castle

SystemAtari 8-bit

Adventure International

Atari 8-bit

Release Date: 1/1/1981
Manufacturer: Adventure International
Donated By: Bill Cleaver
(From the back of the box) "Count Cristo has had a fiendish curse put on him by his enemies. There he lies, with you his only hope. Will you be able to rescue him or is he doomed forever? Beware the Voodoo man."

Scott Adams created text-based adventure games for a variety of home computing platforms in the early 1980s. The image of the back of the package is interesting for a variety of reasons. It rates the game (this one is "not" recommended for the novice), tells you that it was written in machine language and then provides you with an introduction to the "style" of game and the kinds of problem-solving / language skills that are required to play it.

This is the fourth in the series released for the Atari. This is an early package or the game. The Museum has another, later package of the same game. A review from the Personal Computing Magazine from February, 1980 appears on the back of the box. It outlines the gameplay - something that presumably would be required in 1981 prior to Infocom's dominance of this area of the gaming market. Here is an excerpt: "How do you know which objects you need? Trial and error, logic and imagination. Each time you try some action, you learn a little more about the game. Which brings us to the term "game" again. While called games, Adventures are actually puzzles because you have to discover which way the pieces (actions, manipulations, use of magic words, etc.) fit together in order to gather your treasures or accomplish the mission ..."

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