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Microsoft BOB

Microsoft BOB
Microsoft BOB

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Release Date: 3/1/1995
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Donated By: Upper Grand District School Board
Microsoft Bob was a Microsoft software product, released in March 1995, which provided a new, nontechnical interface to desktop computing operations. Despite its ambitious nature, Bob failed to meet the market and was one of Microsoft's more visible product failures. Microsoft's Steve Ballmer named Bob as "one project we had undertaken ... where we decided that we have not succeeded and let's stop". In 2007, Microsoft Bob was voted by the readers of PC Magazine as one of the ten biggest software failures in the new millennium.

Microsoft Bob was designed for Windows 3.1x and Windows 95 and intended to be a user-friendly interface for Microsoft Windows, supplanting the Program Manager. At one point, the project was managed by Melinda French, who at the time was Bill Gates' girlfriend (the two later married). At the time French left Microsoft, she was Product Unit Manager for a group which included Bob and three other Microsoft titles. The project leader for Bob was Karen Fries, a Microsoft researcher. Microsoft originally owned the domain name, but traded it to Bob Kerstein for the domain name.

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