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Temple of Apshai

Temple of Apshai
Temple of Apshai

SystemAtari 8-bit


Atari 8-bit

Release Date: 1/1/1980
Manufacturer: Epyx
Donated By: Bill Cleaver
EPYX produced a variety of games for the early home computing platforms. They deserve recognition for being one of the first software companies to actively exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show in the early 1980s (albeit under a different name). Epyx branded themselves with slogans similar to "Computer Games Thinkers Play."

Temple of Apshai is part of the Apshai series. Here is an excerpt from the back of the box.

"Now you can enter a universe in which quick wit, the strength of your sword arm and a talisman around your neck might be what separates you from a pharoah's priceless treasure - or the death-grip mandibles of a giant mantis. Enter the "Temple of Apshai," the first in our DUNJONQUEST series, the computer game that offers you the chance to undertake heroic acts in a labyrinth filled with treasures, traps and monsters ...

Epyx released games in a variety of forms. The museum's copy of this game is a cassette. Complete documentation is present.

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