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CorelDRAW! 9

CorelDRAW! 9
CorelDRAW! 9

SystemWindows 95/98


Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 1/1/1999
Manufacturer: Corel
Donated By: Upper Grand District School Board
CorelDRAW 9 is the 9th version of Corel's popular vector drawing software. Version 9 added Mesh fill tool (for complex color filling), Artistic Media tool, Publish to PDF features, embedded ICC color profiles, Multiple On-screen Color Palettes and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications 6 support. The suite included Canto Cumulus LE, a piece of software for media management.

CorelDRAW differentiates itself from its competitors in a number of ways:

The first is its positioning as a graphics suite, rather than just a vector graphics program. A full range of editing tools allow the user to adjust contrast, color balance, change the format from RGB to CMYK, add special effects such as vignettes and special borders to bitmaps. Bitmaps can also be edited more extensively using Corel PhotoPaint, opening the bitmap directly from CorelDRAW and returning to the program after saving. It also allows a laser to cut out any drawings.

CorelDRAW's capability to handle multiple pages along with multiple master layers from within the main program provides a major benefit compared to Adobe Illustrator. Multipage documents are easy to create and edit and the Corel print engine allows for booklet and other imposition so even simple printers can be used for producing finished documents. One of the useful features for single and multi-page documents is the ability to create linked text boxes across documents that can be resized and moved while the text itself resets and flows through the boxes. Useful for creating and editing multi-article newsletters etc.

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