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Earl Weaver Baseball II

Earl Weaver Baseball II
Earl Weaver Baseball II

Floppy (3.5")2

Electronic Arts


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Release Date: 1/1/1991
Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
Earl Weaver II blends detailed simulation elements with an easy-to-play action game that features an innovative camera system. This allows for unlimited views around the ballpark and a TV-style presentation that will cut to different angles during play. Statistics are also a big part of the game, as players can simulate a complete nine innings within one minute and track 50 different batter and fielding stats as well as over 30 pitching categories.

Instant replay lets you review the most recent play of the game, and you can select from multiple offensive and defensive strategies, replace injured fielders, choose either a five- or four-man rotation, designate your closer, warm up relievers in the bullpen, and even visit the mound to determine if your pitcher is fatigued! Don't like to actually play the games? No problem!

Earl Weaver II includes a Stats and Physics game (no graphics but play descriptions and wind and ballpark effects), Managerial option (you call the action), and Super Fast Stat Game (no graphics, descriptions or wind effects). With the two included add-on disks, you can also run a draft, edit ballparks, create leagues, set manager tendencies, generate schedules, and play with all teams (represented by city name only), players and ballparks from the 1990 season.

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