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Release Date: 3/1/1986
Manufacturer: Commodore
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Donated By: George Shadford
Amiga Transformer, developed by Simile Research, was released bundled with the Amiga 1020 5.25" drive. It was a software emulator that allowed you to run IBM PC software on your Amiga. Although a number of people wondered why you would want to do this (since the Amiga itself was so much more powerful and capable than the PC) it did not have software like Lotus 123 or other business packages that were out at the time in DOS.

Although the emulator technically worked, it was quite limited in the software it would run. Text based DOS software ran pretty well, but anything that required more horsepower either didn't work at all or worked so slowly that it was unusable.

Of course, if you wanted to run the software at full speed you could also consider getting the "Sidecar" which was a hardware solution that plugged into the Amiga 1000.

Still, the very fact of its existence showed not only was the Amiga more powerful than a PC (since it could actually emulate one) but it also gave some people the comfort of knowing "well, if I need to run PC software, there is a solution".


This software is currently interactive in the Museum.

User Comments
Dan Conder on Saturday, September 14, 2013
Transformor was one of those items that did not work in os2.x or better.
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