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Catz II

Catz II
Catz II

SystemWindows 95/98

PF Magic

Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 1/1/1997
Manufacturer: PF Magic
Donated By: Upper Grand District School Board
Catz II is the second game in which you are given catz to play with on your computer. In this sequel there are many breeds to choose from including shorthairs and Siamese. There are also many environments for them to play in. In the playpen where you can keep an eye on them, full screen mode where your Catz can play over open applications and programs, active full screen mode where they can play behind open programs and applications. Finally there is screen saver mode where your Catz can protect your computer if you set up password activation. Along with the above there is also the Petz supply shelf where you will find many toys for your Catz to play with. On the shelf you will also find the paint tin which gives you the option to paint your Catz any colour you wish. If you own the first Catz game it is also possible for them to play in the new environment of Catz II so you don't have to give up caring for your Catz from the first game.
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