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WarBirds II

WarBirds II
WarBirds II

SystemWindows 95/98

Interactive Magic

Windows 95/98

7  07358  10109  9

Release Date: 1/1/1999
Manufacturer: Interactive Magic
WarBirds is a version of the venerable online flight simulation - winner "Online Game of the Year" by numerous publications over several years. WarBirds II is a store ready version of the game with key offline and online enhancements that match the major 2.0 revision of the game.

Included in those enhancements are about a dozen new planes, tremendously enhanced 3D graphics and card support, as well as new terrains, theatres, and scenarios. Also included are enhanced online interface, chatting, and navigation and even the ability to launch into a game from the WarBirds website. Still included from the original game, are great plane physics, an offline training mode, and the ability to practice head to head with another live opponent.

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