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Spy vs. Spy III: Arctic Antics

Spy vs. Spy III: Arctic Antics
Spy vs. Spy III: Arctic Antics

SystemCommodore 64
Floppy (5.25")1

Maxx Out

Commodore 64

0  80561  00225  5

Release Date: 1/1/1986
Manufacturer: Maxx Out
The third and final installment (after Spy vs. Spy and Spy vs. Spy: The Island Caper) sees the spies on an arctic island. Once again they're doing their thing - wandering round the island searching for items and setting traps to kill each other (or more frequently themselves).

The third game switched the location from a tropical island to the frozen wastes of the Arctic. The spies fought by means of throwing snowballs at each other and setting traps, which decreased their life bar. Lost life could be restored by moving into an igloo with a heater inside.

Spy vs. Spy was a game first published by First Star Software in 1984 for the Atari 8-bit family, Commodore 64 and Apple II computers. It was an innovative two-player, split-screen game, based on MAD Magazine's long running cartoon strip, Spy vs. Spy, about the slapstick antics of two spies trying to kill each other with improbably complex and elaborate traps and weapons.

It was later ported to a much wider range of platforms including the ZX Spectrum, Acorn Electron, Atari ST, BBC Micro, Commodore 16, MSX, Amstrad CPC, Amiga, Master System, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Nintendo Entertainment System, which was emulated to the Game Boy Advance.

Two sequels followed.

It is perhaps the first video game to implement split-screen simultaneous two-player gameplay, as it was commercially released before Pitstop II, another early video game with a similar split-screen display.

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