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Photosuite III (Platinum Edition)

Photosuite III (Platinum Edition)
Photosuite III (Platinum Edition)

SystemWindows 95/98

MGI Software

Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 1/1/2000
Manufacturer: MGI Software
Donated By: Susan Mayse
In the crowded budget photo-editing market, MGI PhotoSuite stands out a mile. Its difference lies in the fact that it is built on an Internet Explorer-based architecture combining ActiveX controls, scriptlets, javascript and dynamic HTML. For many readers this will immediately be reason enough to stop reading. Network and Navigator users aren't going to be keen on a program that could upset their existing systems and I have to admit that I played safe with a test machine. Thankfully the installation went smoothly and, for the intended market of standalone Windows 98 SOHO users looking for a modern application to take full advantage of their new set-up, PhotoSuite's tight integration with Explorer isn't likely to be a problem. In fact it's going to be a huge benefit.

The first way in which this becomes apparent is the interface. PhotoSuite acts very much like a dynamic Web site complete with the occasional animation and plenty of interface-based sounds (though these can be turned off). Much more important is the fact that the program is structured like a well thought-out site. Running across the top of the screen is a navigation bar offering clear access to the program's seven main "activities" along with Back and Home buttons. Within each activity the browser-based metaphor again comes into its own with a side panel that allows you to drill down to the particular task you want and then provides all the options and advice you need to accomplish it. This logical workflow is ideal when you are getting to grips with the program, but more experienced users can also access tools directly from the toolbar.

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