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DataPerfect 2.3 (Upgrade)

DataPerfect 2.3 (Upgrade)
DataPerfect 2.3 (Upgrade)

Floppy (3.5")6

Wordperfect Corporation


Release Date: 1/1/1992
Manufacturer: Wordperfect Corporation
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Donated By: Susan Mayse
Although a much older program, DataPerfect is actually considered an excellent relational database. Some features include:

DataPerfect is a fully-relational, industrial strength, database

  • DataPerfect applications took two of the top three places at the largest database developers competition in the world (85 teams), the November 6 & 7,1993 Developers' Competition (Durham, North Carolina) -- ahead of Paradox, Clipper, Clarian, FoxPro, and many other products
  • Lightning-fast lookups
  • Up to 16 million records per panel
  • Text fields ("memo fields") can hold up to 64,000 characters of information (some 20 pages per field)
  • WordPerfect (DOS) documents can be directly merged into the database (e.g. if you have, say, a 5-page review in WordPerfect format, you can directly import this into the "comments" field in the record for that item)(see "Importing data" in the user information panel)
  • Uses WordPerfect (DOS) keystrokes (e.g., [F7] = Exit, [F3] = Help, [F10] = Save, [F1] = Cancel, etc.)
  • Your DataPerfect application can be made to custom fit your needs. Compared with other products, changes in reports, or structural changes to the database application itself, can be made more quickly and easily by the DataPerfect developer
  • DataPerfect is "lean and mean". DataPerfect permits you to make good use of your older PC's.

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Fabio on Thursday, March 1, 2012
Is it possible to have some books about it also ?
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