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AlohaBob's PC Relocator

AlohaBob's PC Relocator
AlohaBob's PC Relocator

SystemWindows 95/98

Macmillan Software

Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 8/1/2000
Manufacturer: Macmillan Software
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Donated By: Susan Mayse
Eisenworld, Miami Lakes, Fl., has introduced AlohaBob's PC Relocator 1.2c, a low-cost software and hardware solution that takes the time and complexity out of transferring applications, files and settings from an old PC to a new one.

Communicating between the two computers via their parallel ports or a TCP/IP network connection, AlohaBob's PC-Relocator automatically transfers and merges the user's complete operating environment, including applications, files, documents, bookmarks, settings and menus. AlohaBob's PC-Relocator scans the directories on both computers, selecting only the best available versions of files and applications for transfer, ensuring the new computer has the latest copy of any file. Using its unique, patent-pending technology, AlohaBob's PC-Relocator also checks and updates the Windows registry, intelligently merging the registry entries for the transferred applications and eliminating the need to reinstall programs.

Prior to AlohaBob's PC-Relocator, users looking for automated solutions have had the choice of technically challenging disk cloning programs or file transfer programs. However, disk-cloning solutions are limited to cloning PCs with similar hardware configurations. Additionally, disk-cloning products completely over write the contents of the new hard drive, eliminating the advantage of later software versions typically purchased when upgrading hardware. File transfer products cannot transfer most applications due to their inability to update registry settings, thus requiring the reinstallation of applications to ensure their proper functioning under Windows.

AlohaBob's PC-Relocator means that you no longer have to reinstall applications, locate all of the original CD's, floppy disks, and downloads, tediously copy over all the configuration settings nor manually backup and copy your files to your new PC. AlohaBob's PC-Relocator is compatible with all PC hardware platforms such as desktop and notebook computers, regardless of manufacturer, and works between Windows 95 and Windows 98 operating systems. Soon to be released is the Windows 2000 and Windows NT4 versions. The software is downloadable from the Eisenworld web site ( for $49.95, and a boxed version of the software, including the parallel PC-to-PC cable, is available for $69.95. Multi-use site licensing is also available.

Eisenworld was established in 1999 to make products that reduce the time users spend performing boring, cumbersome tasks on their PCs. Eisenworld is located in Miami Lakes, Florida. For more information, call Eisenworld at 305-816-9164 or visit

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