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Flight Simulator II

Flight Simulator II

SystemAtari XEGS


Atari XEGS

Release Date: 1/1/1984
Manufacturer: subLOGIC
Early home computing platforms had to find ways to distinguish themselves from the gaming systems that were popular at the time. They also had to contend with accusations that computers were simply gaming machines with "good press." To this end, a variety of games were designed for adults (no, not "adult games" but rather games that required more thought than the average "shoot-em-up" delivered.). Flight Simulator II was one of these games. This particular game shipped with the Atari XEGS (XE Gaming System). Flight Simulator II was the most recognizable flight simulation game during the early 1980s. Compute published a book of special flight paths that people could follow. Even Jim Butterfield spent some time in the air - and wrote favourably about it in an article published in TPUG. It is also worth mentioning that Flight Simulator II was one of the earliest examples of well-developed piracy. Shops in Toronto were selling bootleg copies of the software (for the Commodore 64) that included near perfect copies of the manuals. SubLogic was only tipped off when people sent in their (fake) registration cards.
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