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Kid Pix Studio

Kid Pix Studio
Kid Pix Studio




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Release Date: 8/5/1996
Manufacturer: Broderbund
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Donated By: Susan Mayse
Kid Pix mimics non-digital drawing models by beginning with a blank screen, similar to a blank piece of paper. There are pull-down menus at the top of the screen and fourteen easy-to-use, intuitive drawing tools on the left. Each tool has a corresponding sound, and the program has a feature that allows for the creation of additional sounds, so that users can input cues or instructions.

Kid Pix offers a range of activities for novice and experienced users alike. The program's tools include: over 100 colored stamps of pictures that appeal to children; sound effects which can be turned off and on; an "Electric Mixer" that allows students to scramble and animate images; a "Wacky Brush" that produces squiggles, dribbles, and other design elements with kid appeal; a random paint mixer that creates colorful patterns; and a "small kids mode" for younger users.

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