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Fast Load Cartridge

Fast Load Cartridge
Fast Load Cartridge

SystemCommodore 64


Commodore 64

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Release Date: 1/1/1984
Manufacturer: Epyx
"You're tired of waiting three minutes for your programs to load. But its no use glaring at your disk drive. Calling it names won't help either. It was born slow - a lumbering hippo. FAST LOAD transforms your Commodore 64 disk drive from a lumbering hippo into a leaping gazelle. With Fast Load, programs that once took minutes to load are booted up in a matter of seconds!"

- Loads disks up to 5 times faster!
- Copies disks up to 5 times faster!
- Just plugs into your computer!
- Easy to use, no loading needed
- Its automatic, no removal required once inserted!
- Edits disks and lists directories!
- Can even be used with protected disks!
- Includes full assembly language monitor!

In addition to disk acceleration, the cartridge also provides a built-in version of the Commodore DOS Wedge. DOS Wedge dramatically reduces the number of keystrokes needed to load or save files or perform disk operations, and makes this cartridge even more convenient.

Fast Load cartridge, instruction card included in original box.

User Comments
Wammy on Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Fastload to the 1541 was what broadband was to the internet. Once you saw what this cart did you just had to get one. I remember using the "wedge" commands so often that eventually I forgot what the syntax was for the 1541 dos. /* baby!
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