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Release Date: 1/1/1994
Manufacturer: Sierra
Outpost is a video game developed and published by Sierra On-Line. In general terms the game is a science-fiction version of SimCity, taking place on a distant planet. The game was noteworthy for having a hard science fiction approach, with one of the main designers being a former NASA scientist.

Outpost was released simultaneously for DOS and Windows 3.1, and was also released for the Macintosh. It was followed by a loosely related sequel, Outpost 2.

A massive asteroid named Vulcan's Hammer is detected to be on a collision course with Earth, and all attempts to divert it from this path have failed. The last attempt, firing a large nuclear warhead at the asteroid, actually ended up splitting it not into five chunks as humanity hoped, but rather two asteroids. Now, instead of destroying the earth, it will simply wipe out nearly all life on Earth's surface. Extinction is not an option, and so a mission is organized to create a colony on a world elsewhere in the galaxy as the last hope for mankind's survival. The player is in charge of that mission.

Gameplay starts with the player choosing what equipment they choose to bring to the colony and choosing a site for the future colony. Once this is done, a series of animations shows the ship leaving the Solar System and flying to its chosen target system. The player then launches any of equipment they brought with them, and then lands, starting the main portion of the game.

The game is played on an isometric map similar to SimCity 2000, but includes both above and below-ground levels. Structures like greenhouses, antenna and others that require a view of the sky are built on the surface, while accommodations and most other structures are built underground. Various machines like earthmovers and diggers are used to prepare areas for building, flatten surfaces for faster movement, and build structures.

The game makes extensive use of pre-rendered 3D graphics, both for in-game sprites as well as cutscenes.

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