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Castle Siege: Ballerburg

Castle Siege: Ballerburg
Castle Siege: Ballerburg

SystemWindows 95/98

Hip Games

Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 7/3/2004
Manufacturer: Hip Games
Donated By: Jim Wilkinson
CASTLE SIEGE: BALLERBURG takes you back to an era of castles, knights and crucial battles fought with cannons, catapults and magic spells - a time when ruling a kingdom was a daily battle for survival. In this humor-filled story, you mastermind the action as a general who has been ordered by his queen to get rid of her hated sisters in neighboring settlements. Both you and your human or AI opponents have your own castles. Inside or around the castles you can also erect additional buildings and repair any damage to them as your power increases, giving you more weapons and magic.

The game features 4 campaigns with 8 levels each, plus tutorial missions; 14 buildings each with their own unique functions; 11 distinctive weapons; including catapults and rocket launchers; spectacular magic spells including lightning, earthquake and shield; night and day missions; intuitive controls, simple and easy to get into gameplay; battle ratings, record lists and medals.

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