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AD&D: Champions of Krynn

AD&D: Champions of Krynn
AD&D: Champions of Krynn

SystemCommodore 64
Floppy (5.25")3

Strategic Simulations

Commodore 64

0  16685  05130  5

Release Date: 1/1/1990
Manufacturer: Strategic Simulations
Champions of Krynn is the first in a three-part series of Dragonlance Advanced Dungeons & Dragons "Gold Box" computer role-playing games. The game was released in 1990.

The adventure begins at an outpost near Throtl, the capital city of the Hobgoblins. The party soon meets a group of Baaz Draconians ambushing some good settlers. After the battle, a greater Aurak Draconian named Myrtani shows up, and steals an ancient book. Myrtani teleports away, ignoring the party. The party then reports the events to Sir Karl. Sir Karl realizes that the evil forces are not at all weakened as was believed, and the party sets out to investigate and defeat Myrtani and his forces.

Champions of Krynn does bear similarities to the Forgotten Realms series of games in its gameplay and graphics.

Graphics are about on par with Secret of the Silver Blades, and everything is drawn in 16 colors.

The game offers additional races one may choose, including Kender, Qualinesti Elves, Silvanesti Elves, Hill Dwarves, and Mountain Dwarves.

Mages may also benefit from the phases of the moons. Good mages benefit from Solinari, for example.

Clerics can choose one from a handful of deities in this game, and may receive varying bonuses depending on the choice.

Instead of the Paladin, the Knight of Solamnia is a class one can choose.

Draconians are very common enemies in the game, and all five types are seen. The game does a pretty faithful job in implementing their death throes as they appear in the Dragonlance novels and RPG supplements. In the PC version of the game, any weapons encased in a dead Baaz will be available after combat in the character's inventory screen. The player must re-equip the recovered weapons.

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